Noah Merriby – The Next Tony Robbins?

April 30 01:10 2020
A Best-Selling Author, An Awards-Winning Speaker, An Entrepreneur And An Education Professional Who Is Changing The Blueprint Of Personal Development And Transformation As We Know It!

When we had our first interview with Noah, we didn’t know what to expect. We heard a lot about his work and talked to a couple of dozen people he helped in the past year and the reviews were off the charts.

That’s exactly why we wanted to interview him and know more about him and his work.

 We reached out to him on his official Instagram page @noahmerriby, and he was very responsive and excited for the interview. 

After a 45-minute video conference with Noah, the team started wondering, is he going to be the next Tony Robbins? 

When we asked him about his vision, he giggled and said:

“You know Tony is in his sixties right now, he’s going to retire soon, and someone has to take his place.“ 

Noah spent the past decade studying the work of Tony Robbins, but he wanted to take it a step further. He developed more than 70 online training programs available on different platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, and his own website

In 4 years, Noah was able to help more than 100,000 people through his books, his online training programs, and his one-on-one personal coaching sessions.

His critical thinking helped him to develop 24 new personal development and transformation formulas that have changed the lives of so many people in the past few years.

And the biggest twist of all, was when we realized he is only 24 years old.

Noah decided to quit school with one year left to graduate.

“I have a purpose in life that goes way beyond traditional education, I, however, am a big advocate of life-long learning. I rarely studied for my exams, I knew most of the material from the years I spent reading books, attending seminars, and joining online courses.“

With three books published, and a fourth on the way, it was a no brainer for us that he was not just an expert in the field, but THE expert that people are raging about. 

We were curious to know more about his goals and ideas as the motivation and inspiration were a clear green light there. Noah had a very interesting answer:

“I have my entire life vision mapped out actually.“ 

Referencing the Harvard Business School research on goal and vision setting, Noah has built an entire life vision for himself that keeps him moving every day. That explained to us the astounding work ethic that he emphasized.

Another thing we wanted to know was how he was able to harness such intense levels of motivation.

“More than a success, I want to be an inspiration. I don’t do what I do for myself, I do it to uplift my brothers and sisters out there in the world who have dreams of changing their life, and changing the world…”

Lastly, we wanted to end things by knowing a bit more about his upcoming projects.

“The biggest goal right now is a 3-day seminar following the release of my newest book A State Of Creation. The other big goal is to translate all my training into one complete online training program for people to access at their own convenience. And lastly, competing in the international speech contest again, as speaking is one of my life-long passions.” 

Needless to say, a 45-minute interview with this pioneer left the entire team feeling uplifted and inspired. In a nutshell, the world needs more people like Noah. The world needs more people who are selfless, people who would stop at nothing to make an impact in this world.

For more information about Noah Merriby, his training programs, books, or personal coaching you can reach him on the following platforms.



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