Blue Beacon Creative Commits to Raising Awareness Regarding Internet Inclusivity

November 29 16:42 2021
Blue Beacon Creative is an American company that was founded to make the internet a more accessible space. Through smart UX design, web development, automated accessibility audits, and design system services, Blue Beacon Creative has helped numerous websites become more digitally inclusive.

Inclusivity is not common in the world of digital design. According to Pew Research Center’s research, “62% of adults with a disability say they own a desktop or laptop computer, compared with 81% of those without a disability.”  

Physical impairments, as well as mental, hearing, and visual disabilities prevent millions of people from enjoying the wonders of the World Wide Web. Blue Beacon Creative, an American digital agency was founded to address this issue and help brands and companies present their products, services, and websites more inclusively.

The purpose of Blue Beacon Creative is two-fold. The primary focus of the brand is to raise awareness of digital inclusivity and to help companies and firms, both new and well-established ones, realize that many people would gladly enjoy their content but can’t due to physical or mental disabilities.

Secondly, Blue Beacon Creative helps companies and brands increase customer engagement, ramp up sales, and gain customers that would otherwise not be able to approach them. Blue Beacon Creative aims to make a difference by developing, designing, and remodeling initially inaccessible websites in addition to providing all-encompassing online training.

“We are an NYC digital agency on a mission to bring equal access to the web for everyone, regardless of physical or mental ability. We create inclusive UX Design experiences and Websites that allow you to reach 15-20% more of your audience, increase sales and reduce your marketing cost,” said Alfredo Mercedes, founder, and CEO of Blue Beacon Creative.

Blue Beacon Creative is an agency that sits on the pillars of transparency, innovation, and sustainability.

Alfredo emphasizes the need for accessible UX design, imparting that “every minute that goes by with your visitors slipping through your fingers is costing you money. Also, not making the most out of the leads you already have is like leaving money on the table.”

Blue Beacon Creative is counted among the handful of brands that offers accessible UX design & web development services. Countless projects have launched before any plans for digital inclusivity took place. The brand’s accessible UX design & web development services are designed to allow brands to revisit their digital inclusivity strategies and make their platforms WCAG and ADA compliant:

“There are several rules and standards web developers must follow to make their website accessible according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The level of impact on the current project or site varies according to each case, but there are some simple steps that can be taken easily without too much cost or disruption.”

Blue Beacon Creative’s Accessible Bits blog offers an eclectic database of articles that were created to help both visitors and brands understand digital inclusivity and website accessibility on an in-depth level. More information about the brand can be found on the company’s official website.

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