AvatarBay – The Light of Consensus Autonomy, Donations Create Liquidity

May 18 13:17 2022

The project is a decentralized application (DAPP) built on the land of the ABCMETA metaverse, a collaboration between AvatarBay (Australia), and ABCMETA.io. As we approach the new Web3.0 era, new ideas are needed and AvatarBay is a perfect platform for users to explore the infinite opportunities ahead.

AvatarBay is changing the trend of the NFT market with new “decentralized community-created projects”. In addition to creating individual IPs, community users can also create “community-created collections” and allow more users to participate in the construction of the collection. AvatarBay provides attractive airdrop rewards, rewarding everyone ranging from builders to specific target groups with their NFT IP Token. Holders of $AVATAR will continue to receive airdrop rewards of various NFT IP Tokens in the future.


Avatarbay adheres to the spirit of community autonomy (DAO), its initial liquidity pool is mostly supported by USDT donations from community members.

Unlike the traditional projects that accumulate liquidity funds through the initial sale of tokens or offering incentives for adding liquidity, Avatarbay aims to develop a long-term stable development ecology rather than temporary gains.

Avatarbay established a liquidity pool with the initial USDT trading pair: $AVATAR/USDT, and Avatarbay members chose to add liquidity to the pool based on community users’ confidence and expectations of the project.


Although earning returns by adding liquidity will attract some speculators to participate in the short term, however this only creates an illusion of temporary prosperity, and it is not the best option for a long-term sustainable development ecosystem. It is evident that the people that donated are undeniably the true believers of Avatarbay, as they play a strong role in promoting the development and future of the “creation of decentralized autonomous communities”.

AvatarBay gives every community users to express their creativity with the ability to create their own PFP NFTs and allows community creators to form close connections through open communication within the community. Join AvatarBay’s exciting new space today and explore the world of infinite possibilities through “decentralized community-created projects”.

Offical Web: avatarbay.abcmeta.io

Donation wallet address (USDT-Ploygon): 0xb0567757AaA6e8D1e3A722ce8e409c75a888EB08

Media Contact
Company Name: ABCMETA.io
Contact Person: Thomas
Email: Send Email
Phone: 61466978666
Country: Australia
Website: www.abcmeta.io

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