Bayes HQ Unleashes AI-Driven Data Aggregation Algorithm To Empower Individual Investors In The Stock Market

March 07 23:01 2023
Bayes HQ, a fintech startup, has just unveiled a powerful new AI-driven data aggregation algorithm to revolutionize how individual investors approach the stock market. With the new algorithm, everyday investors can access the same powerful tools and insights as professionals, empowering them to make smarter investment decisions and level the playing field.

San Francisco, CA – Bayes HQ, a data aggregation company that ranks financial forecasters based on the accuracy and consistency of their predictions, is on a mission to empower the individual stock market investor with the most powerful AI-driven data aggregation algorithm.

Founded by CEO Pujun Bhatnagar and Co-founder/Chief Product Officer Barkin Doganay, Bayes HQ is dedicated to bringing data that was historically reserved only for wealthy investors, such as hedge funds and institutional investors, to everyday investors.

Barkin, who has worked in Investment Banking at Credit Suisse and built analytics products using alternative data for the largest institutional investors managing a cumulative $4 trillion at Earnest, has seen firsthand the power of the data that hedge funds and institutional investors can purchase and leverage to make smarter investment strategies. 

Together with Pujun’s background in Mathematics and Computer Science, and as a former Senior Software Engineer in the Machine Learning field at Meta, the Bayes HQ team of highly-qualified engineers from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT is working to combat the stock market platform and make it a more level playing field.

The problem Bayes HQ is trying to solve is one that many individual investors in the stock market face. There is simply too much information available, and it can be challenging to sort through all the noise to find valuable insights. Bayes HQ has created a platform that ranks financial forecasters on the accuracy and consistency of their predictions, allowing individual investors to make more informed decisions.

Bayes HQ’s data analysis and forecasting approach is unique because AI drives it. The company’s data aggregation algorithm is powered by machine learning, which means it constantly learns and improves over time. The algorithm is also vetted by industry experts from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, ensuring accurate and reliable predictions.

Although the team at Bayes HQ is highly qualified, the company is not just for financial experts. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of experience in the stock market. Bayes HQ is on a mission to empower everyday investors with the same data that has historically been reserved only for the wealthy.

Bayes HQ is highly motivated, even as they navigate being accepted to the Y Combinator Winter 2023 batch. With a team of experts and a robust AI-driven data aggregation algorithm, Bayes HQ is poised to make a meaningful impact on the stock market investing industry for retail investors. 

About Bayes HQ:

Pujun Bhatnagar, CEO of Bayes HQ, has taught Mathematics and Computer Science for years at Georgia Tech (undergrad), Stanford (graduate school), and MIT. He is a former Senior Software Engineer who worked at Meta for 5 years in the Machine Learning field. He has paused his Harvard Business School education to focus wholly on Bayes HQ.

Barkin Doganay has worked in Investment Banking at Credit Suisse and built analytics products using alternative data for the largest institutional investors managing a cumulative $4 trillion at Earnest. He is an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and received his Bachelor of Science from Yale University.

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