Hip-hop artist Patryck releases over 123 songs in less than a year

July 31 19:48 2020

A young 27 years old artist, Patryck is a talented musician who makes unique ‘urban entrepreneur hip hop music’, along with some singing, which according to him, is to inspire the younger entrepreneurs to work hard and make a good life for themselves. Having been born into a musical family, where his father was a musician who played every musical instrument, while his mother sung in theatres, Patryck grew accustomed to music from an early age. With his passion and fierceness, Patryck is rapidly paving his way through the music industry.

Patryck has been making music since the age of 16 years, which gives him a decade worth of hands-on experience in music that he uses to create mellifluous melodies. But becoming a musician wasn’t always Patryck’s dream; it was more like a hobby to him. It wasn’t until recently that he decided to take music seriously and make a career out of it. There was no looking back for him after that. Telling about his passion for music, Patryck says, “I have been producing on average about one song every three days, which is quite a bit since October 2019. I have produced and released over 123 songs and I’m still working on albums as of this day.”

After giving hits like “Senorita”, “Circus”, “Risen”, along with many others, Patryck is now set to sway his listeners with his latest released album “Unwritin”. This album consists of 11 astounding tracks including, Sentence, Too, Let Me, Mean it, Forever, Un Writin, Inspired, Coaster, Feel this, Believe, and Stadium. All the tracks encapsulate the artist’s talent and sense of good music and rhythm. This is the first self-produced album by Patryck. The lyrics of the songs on this album were not pre-written, and were totally free-style. “I did this to try to find a deeper sound, and to connect with the flows better”, says Patryck.

Patryck draws inspiration from the likes of Lil Baby & DaBaby, Eminem, Jimi Hendrix, and Lil Wayne. For Patryck, music is his bloodstream, and the thing that keeps him sane during the challenging time of his life. Music helps him to express his emotions freely in front of the whole world.

A firm believer of the saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”, Patryck urges his fans to never give up on their dreams, as, if you are passionate enough about something and are working hard to get it, then nothing can stop you from having that.

Always a positive thinker and a person driven by love and passion, Patryck has his eyes set on his goal of achieving success and will leave no stone unturned to achieve it.

Listen to the album “Unwritin” now on Spotify.com.

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