ZJR-250 Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier Cosmetic Cream Emulsion 250L Industrialized Production Equipment

January 18 14:44 2022
ZJR-250 Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier Cosmetic Cream Emulsion 250L Industrialized Production Equipment
The 250L vacuum homogenizer emulsifier machine ordered by the Korean cosmetic customer is ready to be packaged and shipped in the packaging area of YeKeey.

The cosmetic cream emulsion 250L vacuum homogenizer emulsifier machine ordered by the Korean cosmetic customer who mainly produces skin care cream and lotion is ready to be packaged and shipped in the packaging area of YeKeey. The vacuum emulsifier is the key machine in the cosmetic emulsification workshop, which has a direct impact on the production quality of cosmetics. The customer was introduced by an old customer of YeKeey. The original old customer has used YeKeey equipment for more than five years. And the emulsifying machine bought from YeKeey has been running stably, so he recommended YeKeey to our new customer. After inspecting YeKeey, the customer ordered this 250L vacuum emulsifier for the production of cream and lotion products in the cosmetic emulsification workshop.

The production process of cosmetic skin care lotion

The skin care lotion is generally based on liquid oil, mixed with a small amount of solid oil, and the amount of oil added is generally 10% to 20%. The production process of a cosmetic skincare lotion is shared below.

Production process:

1. The components of phase A are mixed evenly in the pretreatment tank of the emulsifier and heated to 80℃;

2. The carbomer and xanthan gum in phase B is dispersed in water, fully stirred and dispersed, and heated to 80℃;

3. The remaining components of phase B, stir and disperse until the system is homogeneous;

4. To homogenize phase B, slowly add phase A, turn on the emulsifier and homogenize for 5 minutes until the system is homogeneous;

5. While the emulsifier is stirring, cool down to 40℃, add phases C and D phase, mix well.

The production process of cosmetic skin care cream

The total oil content of skin care creams is generally higher than that of emulsions, and it is broader in the process of oil compounding. Compared with emulsion systems, the solid oil content of the system will be appropriately increased, so that it is easier to improve the viscosity of the system and the composition during use. membranous. The production process of a cosmetic skincare cream is shared below.

Production process:

1. Add each component in phase A to pretreatment tank A, and heat to 80 °C;

2. At the same time, add each component in phase B to pretreatment tank B, and heat to 90 °C (sodium hyaluronate and carbomer. 940 is pre-dispersed with glycerin and propylene glycol);

3. While stirring phase B, add phase A, pre-emulsification for 5 minutes, then turn on the emulsifier to homogenize for 3 minutes;

4. While stirring, add phase C components;

5.  After the product is cooled to 45°C, add the components of phase D and homogenize for 2 minutes;

6. Continue to stir and cool down to room temperature.

ZJR series vacuum emulsifier is ideal cosmetic production equipment. It includes the main emulsification tank, pre-dispersion treatment tank commonly used in cosmetic production, and functions such as cooling, homogenization, stirring, cooling, etc. It is designed and manufactured according to GMP sanitary standards, and can fully meet the requirements of cosmetic preparation technology for equipment. The cosmetics produced are delicate, stable, and uniform, which can well guarantee the quality of cosmetics. It is the mainstream equipment for high-end cosmetics production.

Introduction of ZJR-250L Emulsifier

ZJR-250L vacuum homogenizer is hot sale in our factory. It is widely used for lotions, creams, gels, ointment, paste, sauce, toothpaste, etc.. in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. The water phase tank and oil phase tank is optional, it saves heating time and improve production efficiency.

250L means the full volume of the homogenizer tank, the max. work capacity is 80%, the min. work capacity is 30%. If you would like to process lower-capacity material, the bottom homogenizer is available. There are two bottom homogenizers for choice, one type with circulation pipe, it is emulsified in the pipe during circulation. The other type without circulation pipe, the homogenizer head in the tank, is emulsified in the tank.

This ZJR-250L vacuum homogenizer with temperature machine is good at fast heating and cooling, the max. temperature can be 300 degrees C even higher. The temperature machine will save much production time for you, and it is equipped according to the technical process. You can also heat and cool material by jacket heating and cooling. The heating temperature for cosmetic material is 70-80 degrees C, it is fast by jacket heating too.

Besides the ZJR-250L vacuum homogenizer, there are many else models for choice. You can choose it according to your production capacity. The production capacity batch from 30 liters to 5000 liters. Also, there is a lab vacuum homogenizer ZJR-5 or ZJR-10 for your choice.

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