Vertical Web3.0, Explaining how NPSSwap opens the DeFi2.0 grid

May 12 03:00 2022

Since 2019 so far, the rapidly growing DeFi has been one of the hottest topics in the blockchain industry and has gradually become a heavy hitter in the crypto world. All the platforms and products that offer DeFi services have been making waves in the market and were once considered the future of the financial industry.

It is not difficult to find that the prologue of DeFi was kicked off in the decentralised lending business, after which it gradually transitioned to a larger version of more products today. It took the traditional financial world and staged it in the blockchain world through smart contracts, improving and optimising it step by step on top of the original, and gradually having innovative products that were not available in the traditional financial world, which is the path of innovation.


From the industry’s perspective, Ethernet has laid a good foundation for the development of DeFi, but is limited by its own efficiency, which gives more quality projects the opportunity to bend the rules; NPSSwap, as the DeFi eco-integration of NPSDAO, carries the glory of the DAO organisation and the hope of innovation for future DeFi applications.

As a decentralised trading platform, NPSSWAP combines TrueAMM and VirtualAMM to manage and direct liquidity, while using the Proactive Market Maker (MMK) algorithm to provide efficient on-chain liquidity for Web3 assets for a fairer and more transparent solution compared to centralised swaps.

TrueAMM and VirtualAMM, as the core of the Polaris protocol, combine real and virtual AMMs to achieve dynamic adjustment of Token output and repurchase based on market liquidity needs, unlike traditional AMMs where the 50%+50% token pool relies on the X*Y=K equation, which allows for the supply and demand of specific tokens, as well as The pool’s asset status automatically adjusts its supply, demand and fee scheme to direct and manage the pool’s liquidity and improve capital efficiency.


In addition to the obvious technical advantages mentioned above, NPSSwap has many more features that are revolutionising the industry’s understanding of decentralised finance as a leading player in the DeFi 2.0 ecosystem.

For example…

Asset entry

With its own liquidity and aggregated liquidity from other exchanges (or DEX), NPSSwap offers the best prices for Web3 assets and faster trading, making it easy for everyone to issue and trade these assets.

Transaction pair creation

On NPSSWAP, there is no vetting of licenses and approval to create trading pairs. Liquidity mining rewards for trading pairs of higher value, which will be voted on by the community.

Transaction Fee

NPSSWAP transactions will be subject to a transaction fee, which is a transaction fee and a gas fee. The transaction fee is determined by a community vote and the gas is determined by the network.

Order opening and cancellation

NPSSWAP order opening and cancellation operations need to be executed through transactions, which are sent by the user. Subsequent matching or cancellation operations only take effect once the transaction has been successfully packed into the block. Assets are locked in the process of buying and selling orders. For open orders that have not yet been executed, the assets in the open order can be unlocked by cancelling the order to restore the assets to normal use. Transactions to open and cancel orders require a base transaction fee to be paid to the miner.

Flexible combinations

NPSSWAP will introduce more and more open financial protocols on top of its own DeFi. The application layer is free to combine the required protocol layers and go about implementing applications based on its own team’s DNA and identification of market opportunities. For example, a decentralised exchange can be implemented by a combination of a wallet protocol, a lending protocol, a hosting protocol and an exchange protocol.


In the future, with the launch of NPSSWAP, it will facilitate the evolution of the entire NPSDAO ecology to DeFi 2.0, empowering more value interconnection of NPSDAO. Each user within the ecology can also participate in the flow mining of NPSDAO and own their own digital assets, which can be used like real assets to buy and sell products, make financial investments and transactions, and realise the flow and flexible application of assets.

In the future, the NPSDAO ecology will also access outstanding ecological projects in many fields, including NFT, Gamefi and Metaverse, to continuously enrich the scene applications and maximize the ecological value.

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