BITDIAMOND, Create an Exclusive Digital Kingdom for Web3.0

May 12 03:33 2022
Recently, BITDIAMOND launched multi-chain + cross-chain high-end technology and received capital support from internationally renowned family wealth offices


BITDIAMOND is a Metaverse platform based on the DeFi financial model. BITDIAMOND launches multi-chain + cross-chain high-end technology to provide a more secure and efficient network for DeFi and the Metaverse commodity trading market.


BITDIAMOND establishes relevant data models with computable numbers and data, and conducts unified processing, analysis, and application, forming a virtual world that mirrors the real society and a digital living space with a new social system. The virtual world and the real world are closely integrated in the economic system, social system, and identity system. Users establish new content, social interaction, order and economy in this world that belongs to them.

BITDIAMOND Ecolab has received capital support from internationally renowned family wealth offices and the favor of many investment institutions, BITDIAMOND has completed an angel round of financing led by Three Arrows Capital. It has reached in-depth traffic cooperation with mainstream exchanges around the world, and is about to open up a new track for the world’s leading decentralized exchanges, promote a vibrant new economy, and serve many applications such as digital assets, gamefis, and metaverse.

The BITDIAMOND community is a decentralized non-profit distributed autonomous organization that aims to promote human cooperation through collective ownership. The community has now built a diversified ecology that integrates cosmic games, NFT markets, and financial ecology. The practical application of the community is not only limited to the application of encrypted assets, but also extends to various industries including application chain management, cultural entertainment, intelligent manufacturing, social welfare, education and employment and other scenarios.

The BITDIAMOND community will eventually form a fully open, autonomous, interactive, and decentralized DAO organization, to provide a neutral, unbiased, open and trustworthy platform for those who agree with the values of the encrypted world. The community encourages everyone to actively participate in and hold various activities, strive to find consensus among differences, respect everyone, and support different viewpoints. Based on the BITDIAMOND certification system, multiple sub-ecologies can be derived without increasing the cost of trust.

BITDIAMOND DAO is a decentralized non-profit distributed autonomous organization that advocates individual supremacy, freedom and openness, and strives to create a relatively fair environment with equal opportunities and symmetrical information resources. BITDIAMOND DAO will build an autonomous ecosystem on the basis of decentralization, create a truly decentralized closed-loop valuable ecosystem, and establish a connection between virtual and reality, so that each user can create personal value while promoting social progress.

The BITDIAMOND ecosystem carries value and governs the community through the key circulating token – BITDO, including payment, pledge, ecological service fees, etc. BITDO holders can participate in the management of the BITDIAMOND community ecosystem to ensure the stability, transparency and efficiency of the protocol. The community voting weight is proportional to the amount of BITDO that the voter has in the voting contract. BITDO holders can also participate in the DeFi3.0 ecosystem, including decentralized financial pledge, liquidity, and support for more application scenarios in the community.

BITDO is a digital asset in global circulation, and it is also the key circulating currency of the BITDIAMOND ecological community. It is developed based on BSC smart contract technology, with a total circulation of 333 million pieces, constant issuance, never additional issuance, deflation mechanism, and lasting value-added. BITDO Token is expected to provide economic incentives to encourage participants to contribute and maintain the ecosystem on the BITDIAMOND network.



BITDIAMOND will be committed to creating a Web3.0-based Internet of Everything and encrypted social ecology. By integrating Defi and NFT with the Metaverse, it will realize the interconnection of virtual and network, and combine people with processes, data and things to create an exclusive Web3.0’s digital kingdom.

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