Fintech Company Pepperbird Finance Launches Native Token Pepperbird on May 30th

May 13 20:06 2022
Pepperbird Finance, a financial technology platform on BSC Network will be launching native token Pepperbird using Pinksale’s Launchpad. Whitelist for Pre-sale Open.

A steady income is like a stream strategically built to maintain one’s lifestyle. Managing the consistent flow of income, however, is a very difficult task; but no longer. The launch of blockchain platform Pepperbird brings a complete finance management system, a comprehensive nest of financial tools for passive income earners to grow, build and nurture their nest eggs. PepperBird is pleased to announce its pre-sale whitelist for the ecosystem native token, PepperBird (PBIRD).

Let’s first take a look at the platform itself. The Pepperbird platform has many financial utility tools on its roadmap, such as multiple token reflections, managing investment, tracking debt, gasless dashboard, lending platform and completely free transactions on transfers! 

At Pepperbird, users can also choose to lock their tokens for a period of time in high-yield staking pools, to increase their income generated. The ecosystem also offers NFT Marketplace and what the company referred to as “smart nft staking”; with some of its nft offering a percentage boost when staking.

“Our goal is simple, real world financial solutions for real world people. There is so much we have planned, 2022 is just the beginning,” says a spokesperson for PepperBird.

Some of the important reasons to become a part of this project include customized reflections of multiple tokens (holders receive rewards in tokens they actually want in their wallet by choosing the reward token they earn for holding, choose multiple tokens or just one), the best part is the option to change your mind on a rewards token when you lose interest in that project. 

Also worth mentioning is PBIRD NFT boosters, these give holders additional incentives, buy and hold certain NFT to stack and earn a higher APY via staking. 

The company has made the generation of income one of the driving forces of its ecosystem, percentages from merch sales, membership fees from their money management system and NFT Marketplace goes to the reflection pool; creating consistent earning potential.

Pepperbird presale will commence on May 30th.  There will be a whitelist and a public round. The first few hours, whitelisters will have the option to grab their tokens before pre-sale is open to the public. 

Presale: 1 BNB: 42,000,000,000 PBIRDListing: 1 BNB: 32,000,000,000 PBIRD

After the pre-sale, the next on schedule events are PancakeSwap, CoinMarketcap Listing and CoinGecko Listing. 

PepperBird Pre-Sale: Register here

About Pepperbird

Pepperbird Finance is a financial solution ecosystem developing applications that aid in the management of your centralized and decentralized financial assets. Powered by our native token Pepperbird, our ecosystem offers many utilities to help holders save, grow and manage their finances; utilities like our gasless dashboard, customized reflection for passive income generation, and financial management.

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