Rock ‘n Roll Is Making A Comeback with The Dream Roll’s Save Your Soul EP

May 14 02:15 2022
The Dream Roll is a rock ‘n roll band from Italy. With the release of the band’s debut EP album, Save Your Soul, Leo and Dream Roll are set to revitalize the RNR scene and reinforce its position in contemporary music.

Dozens of superstar artists have claimed that ‘rock ‘n’ roll is dead.’ From The Doors, over Neil Young and Marilyn Manson, to Gene Simmons from Kiss, who makes similar statements almost yearly, numerous icons of rock and roll have dubbed it dead over the recent decades. 

However, many aspiring brands are committed to refuting such statements and are tirelessly working on rejuvenating the scene. Among innumerable acts that have entered the industry in the past few years, none stand out as Dream Roll – a rock and roll band from Italy with everything to prove, a clear-cut dream, and a brand-new EP on various media channels. 

Dream Roll’s debut EP album is titled Save Your Soul. It’s a strong album with a strong statement, pointing the finger at a society that rejects dreamers and free thinkers while offering salvation through high-quality rock ‘n roll tunes. 

Leonardo Bregliozzi, the band’s founder and frontman, has composed each track on the Save Your Soul record. Leo’s songwriting style and powerful lyrics have served as an inspiration to numerous young rock bands across the globe. 

Street’s Queen is one of the first tracks that The Dream Roll had released; it was launched to represent the album’s rocking vibes, a keen sense for satire, and world-class musicianship. The launch of Street’s Queen was followed by a music video, which was released on the 18th of April, 2022. 

The Dream Roll’s Save Your Soul is available on numerous streaming platforms, including Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer, iTunes, and others. 

More information about The Dream Roll and the band’s debut Save Your Soul album is available on the band’s official website.

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