New Mexico Youth Soccer Association (NMYSA) and Esports & Online Gaming Association (ESOGA)

August 05 12:21 2022
New Mexico Youth Soccer Association (NMYSA) and Esports & Online Gaming Association (ESOGA)
Announce ‘Esports State Cup’ Traditional sports and esports integrate to enhance soccer experiences for youth, on and off the field.

The New Mexico Youth Soccer Association (NMYSA) is partnering with Esports & Online Gaming Association (ESOGA) to provide opportunities for its community to enjoy soccer through video games.

With over 225+ million gamers in the United States, traditional sports organizations such as NMYSA are leveraging esports to enhance the experiences and benefits offered by on-field programs and extend their reach to new players. Esports benefits mirror those of traditional sports, while also expanding inclusivity for those that may be prevented from playing traditional sports because of disability or Covid-19 concerns.

Using popular soccer-themed video games such as Rocket League and FIFA, NMYSA and ESOGA have entered into a multi-year partnership to host an annual Esports State Cup competition for the state of New Mexico. This competition will be one of the first of its kind for a US Youth Soccer (USYS) sanctioned State Soccer Association.

Gloria Faber, Executive Director of NMYSA commented, “By adding esports to our programs, we are enabled to provide virtual soccer experiences that complement our existing on-field activities and programming. ESOGA is a team of hands-on professionals guiding us through every step so that we provide quality esports events in a safe and fun online environment. We are thrilled to partner with ESOGA and look forward to engaging our members in this new venture!”

ESOGA provides all-in-one software and services for organizations looking to adopt esports for their communities. For organizations like NMYSA, esports serves as an enhancement to traditional on-field sports – not a replacement. This differentiator allows youth to enjoy participation in both traditional sports and esports with the support of a community they know and trust.

It’s more than just creating esports experiences, it’s integrating esports in such a way that it enhances what an organization does for their community… NMYSA is an organization that has spent decades providing youth soccer programs in the state of New Mexico, and together we are furthering the benefits of organized sports for youth – on and off the field.” – Nate Parent, Founder & CEO of ESOGA.

Registration for NMYSA’s Esports State Cup is now underway with competition scheduled to begin on December 28th, 2022. Players ages 10-18 may sign up for the NMYSA Esports State Cup Championship at


New Mexico Youth Soccer Association is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit corporation and National Youth State Association of the United States Soccer Federation providing rewarding recreational and competitive opportunities for boys and girls 3-19 years old. As members of US Youth Soccer (USYS), NMYSA represents, governs and serves 18 member leagues, 45 club affiliates, and approximately 20,000 players.   


Founded in 2019, Esports and Online Gaming Association (ESOGA) provides structured youth and community esports programs. Providing both virtual and in-person programs, gamers are empowered in positive ways to enjoy the video games they love with the safety and support of their community. Additional software and services are available for organizations seeking to adopt esports for their own communities.

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