Heroes Behind Headlines Podcast Sheds New Light On A Battle That Changed The Cold War And Middle East Forever.

August 11 13:12 2022

This week on Heroes Behind Headlines Podcast host and bestselling author Ralph Pezzulo interviews British SAS soldiers Pete Winner and Sekonaia ‘Tak’ Takevisi about the epic 1972 Battle of Mirbat.

Russia’s battle to control valuable resources around the world didn’t start with Ukraine. It has been a policy going back centuries, but when the Soviet Union was trying to spread Communism throughout the Middle East in an attempt to control the region’s Oil Reserves, nine British SAS Soldiers stood in the way.

In support of the western-allied Sultan, the British Army secretly deployed nine operators from its most elite unit, the SAS. 

At stake on July 19th 1972, was more than a single battle for a small town on the Gulf of Oman. Due to Mirbat’s geographic significance, had the SAS fallen, the communist rebels would have taken hold of the region – and controlled the global shipping routs for Middle Eastern oil. 

Statues of individual SAS soldiers are rare, but due to his heroism at the Battle of MIrbat, there are not one but two statues of Sergeant Talaiasi Labalaba. One unveiled in 2009 at the SAS headquarters in Herefordshire and another in 2018 by Harry and Megan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, in Fiji, which at the time of Labalaba’s enlistment was still a British colony.

Please click the link to hear Pete Winner’s incredible story on the Heroes Behind Headlines Podcast.

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