Fans accompany Chinese Artist YanHaoxiang meeting him is the luckiest thing in their life

August 14 06:06 2022

Born in the summer when cicadas surrounded the blazing sun, Yan Haoxiang’s fierce and passionate feelings and boundless energy are the marks of summer left on him.

In 19 years, Yan Haoxiang reappeared in the public eye as a Teens in Times rap stretcher. 2021 saw the release of his solo original single “Tail No. 6208” “Y” on music platforms and won two weekly music chart titles.

Hao Xiang is obsessed with exploring the magic of musical inclusion, and although it’s not all smooth sailing, he says:Because of the love, I won’t give up what I love just because it’s hard. Life is full of ups and downs, it’s not always hard, it’s bitter then sweet; only when you’ve experienced the pain will you appreciate the happy times more”. He also sings in his song, “No matter how hard the future is, always remember to look up at the bright sea of stars in front of you.” That’s why he has never let go of his musical dreams and has been working hard and slowly shining.

Fans feel very lucky to have met Hao Xiang, They are determined together in a fast moving world, accompanying each other on our journey.

Whether he is a glowing love interest on stage or a cool rapper with his mic up and his energy pulled, Hao Xiang will always be in fans‘ heart as the little boy who only says thank you for the courage and confidence you have given me and will want to have the love that is always with him.

Fans will always support and accompany Hao Xiang. He deserves to be loved and seen by more people, he will get more stages, he will fulfil more dreams and he will make his name known to everyone where he wants to be.

Happy Birthday Hao Xiang!

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