Dalstrong Inc Is Producing The Best Knives On The Market For The Culinary World

October 05 07:33 2022

Dalstrong is on a mission to make a knife for every cook and every occasion. They understand real cooking isn’t always pretty, and sometimes the best meals are the ones people devour before they remember to snap a pic. 


Dalstrong’s CEO and Founder Dave Dallaire spent a lot of time working in restaurants. He watched line cooks and sous chefs break their backs, covered in grease and blisters, with no rest and no glory. He saw them give their heart and soul for their craft, but he didn’t see exciting culinary tools to match their spirit. So he started Dalstrong. 

Dalstrong is always looking at what’s next on the horizon and how they can learn, grow, and push the boundaries of culinary creativity. They have over 350 products, with 14 different knife series of blades ranging from 2.5” paring knives to 17” tuna swords, plus kitchen essentials like cookware, aprons, cutting boards, and sharpening tools. They’ve fulfilled over a million orders and have nearly 100,000 5-star reviews.

So how do they come up with all those ideas? They nerd out on Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology, and explore the engineering behind great works of architecture and automotive design. They study ancient bladesmith history and read futuristic sci-fi, play video games, hike through natural wonders, and pay homage to real life heroes and first responders. 

Then they seek out the best, most durable materials on the planet. If it says “military grade strength” or “ultra-durable,” Dalstrong wants it. And if it doesn’t exist, they hire a team to create it, like their patented V12 Ultra steel, designed uniquely for Dalstrong. It’s specially curated to withstand the heat, pressure, salts and acids of professional kitchens.

The design team uses software and real touch-and-feel processes like 3D printing and sculpting. They test each knife for comfort, performance, and wow-factor in professional kitchens. Multiple prototypes are made as they tweak and adjust the design for factors like weight, blade angle, and material performance. Once a design is approved, expert craftsmen spend between 30-60 days forging and honing each blade with Dalstrong’s “Diamond” Design (D3) method. 

The packaging gets the same attention to detail. The Dalstrong unboxing experience has been described as ceremonial. It feels like uncovering a rare artifact from the past and discovering future tech at the same time. Each knife comes with a collectible pin and a custom fit, protective sheath.

Dalstrong has been around for less than a decade, but they’ve grown a loyal community of followers ranging from Michelin chefs to home cooks. Culinary stars like Kimi Werner, Chef David Olson, and Guga Foods love Dalstrong. Loyalists share photos of Dalstrong tattoos and kitchens decked out with Dalstrong products. Find out why at Dalstrong.com or through their Amazon store.

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