Digital Marketing Agency CNR Digital Helps Entrepreneurs Help Take Their Business To The Next Level

January 16 23:27 2023

The #1 Most Customer Centric Agency has a proven track record of boosting sales and engagement.

As new brick-and-mortar stores go online every day, running an online ecommerce store has become brutally competitive. Businesses need proven digital marketing strategies to help shape their future in the short and long run. One agency that has cracked the algorithm and helped its clients to thrive in these changing dynamics is CNR Digital.

The agency has helped its clients generate an astonishing $21M in sales, working with more than 51+ clients in the past two and a half years. Clients that sign up with them start seeing results almost immediately, with each client reporting at least a $235K/month average revenue increase.

The agency credits this to its team of experienced marketing professionals who have put in the work to study algorithms and then focus on the fundamentals. Because of this, their team can help entrepreneurs create a brand that resonates with their target audience and get more engagement. Their clients come from diverse industries and business models, and the agency creates unique digital marketing strategies to help them stay ahead of the competition.

Speaking on occasion, a representative of the company said, “Our team has a meticulous process that starts with sitting with each client to determine their digital marketing goals. We then put in the research to develop an omni-presence marketing campaign that resonates with the overall brand persona, which not only leads to more conversions but further improves brand loyalty.”

The digital marketing agency provides a portfolio of services, including content marketing, email marketing, Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and influencer marketing for its clients without breaking the bank. They find the right balance of channels to use according to the budget of each of their clients. The company credits its success to staying lean and being data-driven.

The spokesperson added, “We are moving towards being the #1 Most Customer Centric marketing agency in the world. We stay lean to ensure fast communication and quick delivery of tasks for our clients. We do not just focus on getting sales for our clients but also help them with going viral on social media. We prefer building a long-term sustainable brand for our clients and assist them in handling their larger sales volume by discussing their case with the payment processor. We look at our client’s businesses holistically and have a well-rounded approach to improving their brand image. For instance, the CNR Digital team helped turn things around for one of our clients, Jason. Before he began to work with us, he was at around the $50-60k mark per month, and in just under 6 months we scaled his store to 320k+ per month.”

Talking about the benefits they have enjoyed since signing with the agency, a satisfied client remarked, “Compared to other agencies, the agency adds elements that help another dimension to the marketing campaigns. Moreover, what I like most is how well they communicate, so there is never a communication lapse. They send weekly reports that help me assess the key performance indicators.”

Another online store-owner echoed the positive views, and Melissa said, “We’re expanding like never before. Two years ago, we had five employees, and just a few weeks ago, we had to hire 3 more people. Our email open rate has gone up to 66%, and the engagement rate is now 8%. They helped remove the burden, allowing me to overcome my sleep problems.”

The company has a swift onboarding process that only takes 30 minutes, unlike most agencies that take 3-4 weeks just to onboard a client.

A client, Jacob, said about the onboarding process, “When I first signed up with them, the agency sent me an onboarding process that was clear and concise which made it easy to share assets and gave me peace of mind that I am in safe hands. I loved the seamless processes they have on board.”

Those interested to learn more about the eCommerce agency in Dubai can reach out to them and set up a meeting using the information mentioned below.

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