Procolored’s New UV Printer Revolutionizes the Printing Industry with High-Quality, Fast Printing Speeds

January 17 21:24 2023
Procolored is one of the leading companies in the “UV printing” industry. The brand’s freshly released UV printer has changed the game for small and medium-sized print-on-demand companies with unbeatable printing quality and speed.

Ultraviolet printing is barely two decades old, yet it opened innumerable new horizons to businesses operating in the industry. Streamlining the printing process by increasing output, efficiency, turnaround time, printing durability, and quality, UV printing technologies are in high demand among companies across the globe.

As the leading manufacturer and provider of innovative UV printers, Procolored has empowered hundreds of clients with revolutionary ultraviolet printing products. The brand recently launched one of the most advanced UV printers available in the current market called Procolored UV Printer A3-Pro.

This 17-inch printer can be selected according to your needs. There are two versions of single-head and double-head. The double-head can print varnish, the pattern is more bright, and it can protect the ink.

The company’s spokesperson imparted that “discovering UV printing technology can be beneficial to any business,” imparting that the recently launched UV Printer A3-Pro offers a comprehensive introduction into what this technology can bring to print-on-demand businesses, stating:

“Procolored UV Printer A3-Pro is one of our best-selling medium size desktop printers. With exclusive patent technology, it can print almost anything, such as phone cases, stone plate reliefs, leather purses, tempered film customization products, wallpapers, tiles, U Disks, CDs, acrylic, crystal, and more. UV printing is one of the most flexible and exciting printing processes ever created, and its uses are almost limitless,” Procolored’s spokesperson said. 

The brand-new A3 Pro UV printer features three see-through windows, which enable the user to observe the magic at work and make corresponding tweaks in real-time. Equipped with the latest filtration system, Procolored’s A3 Pro is capable of filtering dust to make the surface of printed products and objects as smooth as possible. 

Knowing that different brands have different needs, Procolored installed a UV lamp with adjustable power into the A3 Pro printer. For light-duty tasks, the lamp’s power can be lowered, which can prolong the lamp’s life and reduce or even eliminate the chance of overheating. 

As imparted by Procolored’s spokesperson, what sets A3 Pro UV Printer apart from contemporary alternatives is its sophisticated inkdrop technology, which yields the benefits of high-definition printing resolution, stating:

“Using micro-voltage and intelligent inkdrop technology, color transitions more smoothly, with printing accuracy less than 1mm, the image output shows rich details and almost achieves 100% restored effect,” said the company’s spokesperson. 

Additionally, the printer boasts infrared automatic height adjustments, nozzle clog prevention provided by seamless ink circulation, and a range of other innovative features. The A3 Pro printer is beginner-friendly and perfectly suited to cater to the needs of most SMBs operating in the print-on-demand space.

More information about Procolored is available on the company’s official website.

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