Ibogaine Healing Center: A Comprehensive Detox Treatment and Healing Facility in Costa Rica.

January 23 19:02 2023
Bridging the Gap between Clinical Detox and Spiritual Healing for Trauma and Addiction

The Ibogaine Healing Center will be opening in Costa Rica in March 2023. The Center is a comprehensive detox treatment and healing facility in Costa Rica that bridges the gap between safe, clinical Ibogaine substance detox and a deep spiritual dive into healing the mental side of trauma and addiction. The primary focus for detox treatments will be Ibogaine, and its incredible capacity to reset the brain to a pre-addicted state and help individuals address and make peace with the pieces of their lives that have created negative patterns. In complement, the retreats will provide additional ceremonies using 5 MEO-DMT, sound healing, yoga, and one-to-one guidance and counseling support.

Currently, Ibogaine and Iboga treatment centers across the world focus on either solely the clinical/medical/physical approach to detox or solely the spiritual/emotional approach to healing. But each of these pieces offers so much potential in facilitating a wholly successful treatment and long-term sobriety that the need to combine both approaches into one life-changing experience is pivotal in ensuring whole-being healing. 

The Western approach to substance detox focuses primarily on physically detoxing, or cleaning the body of substance(s). But if an individual simultaneously does not address, understand, or accept why the addictive pattern began in the first place, a physical detox is simply that, a cleanse. And after time, that core emotional wound which has been band-aided through physical detox will begin to fester, and the desire to choose addictive patterns will return. Only by healing a wound at its source, via Ibogaine’s ability to provide an objective view of what’s happened in one’s life and make peace with it, in addition to its incredible capacity to physically cleanse, is lasting sobriety possible.

“With this detox facility, we seek to be part of a process of healing the trauma that causes addiction, which we will achieve by providing Ibogaine in a low, slow, safe, comfortable, nurturing, environment that will allow patients to heal their root-cause issues through a treatment that heals the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of their lives,” says Matt Sudowski, the founder of the Ibogaine Healing Center. 

In the case of Ibogaine, client testimonials speak for themselves, but even science now backs what individuals around the world have already discovered about Ibogaine’s healing properties with regard to substance abuse and addiction. According to a clinical study conducted by Soledad Marton et. al, “Ibogaine efficacy [is] shown to provide an estimated 70-95 percent reduction in physical withdrawal symptoms, while simultaneously alleviating cravings for months post-treatment.”

“Ibogaine treatment has become well-known for its effectiveness in helping addicts interrupt alcohol and drug addiction, as well as helping patients overcome PTSD and other mental illnesses. There is great medical and scientific interest in Ibogaine’s ability to positively affect the brain, an effective tool in treating addiction and the related psychological disorders,” says Sudowski.

The Ibogaine Healing Center plans to open its doors in March of 2023. We look forward to connecting with you, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more. For contact details and further information, please visit https://ibogaine.io/

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