Scott Kressin, the founder of LeadLead, LLC, announces AI Mortgage Lead Generation Software

April 24 18:06 2023
With ChatGPT leading the way for AI innovation, LeadLead LLC has taken up the mantle in mortgage lead generation, providing a similar AI system to give its mortgage lenders accurate leads.

ChatGPT woke the world to the infinite possibilities of an AI-powered world, and as this revolution picks up, industries and entrepreneurs are jumping on the bandwagon. Scott Kressin, the founder of LeadLead LLC, announced an AI Mortgage Lead Generation Software specially designed to streamline lead generation accuracy.

Scott Kressin has extensive experience as the owner of, where he’s been matching hand-raising consumers with top mortgage lenders since 2007. He has made it his mission to revolutionize the way mortgage lenders buy leads by creating and implementing cutting-edge solutions. The AI Mortgage Lead Generation Software is helping mortgage lenders increase their lead pipeline and close more loans with accurate leads.

Much like ChatGPT, AI Mortgage Lead Generation Software is powered by the latest machine learning algorithms to ensure accuracy and efficiency. LeadLead LLC is positioned to disrupt the industry in the same way ChatGPT has ultimately ushered in a new era of AI adoption. The software quickly identifies leads that are likely to apply for a mortgage, making it so that loan officers, lenders, and brokers focus their time on high-quality leads.


The key feature of LeadLead LLC’s AI Mortgage Lead Generation Software is the ability to qualify leads. Once a consumer fills out a landing page requesting a quote on refinancing their property, the software gathers additional data before selling the lead to a mortgage lender to qualify whether the lead is ready to close. To do this, LeadLead LLC follows four main steps

–  Verifies the customer’s title to ensure that the name on the title matches the name used on the lead sheet.
–  Conducts a reverse look-up on the phone number
–  Verifies the current lenders name
–  Checks the updated property value and loan balance

With this information, it becomes easy to group leads and only present mortgage lenders with a more accurate lead.

“I wanted to give our customers a better experience,” says Kressin, “With the rising interest rates, mortgage lenders have to be very careful where they spend their marketing dollars. By implementing our new AI software, we are giving our customers 100% accuracy with each lead generated and sold.”

Following the successful launch of its AI software, LeadLead LLC introduced to give mortgage lenders an affordable alternative to buying leads. This software ensures that lenders get the most out of their marketing efforts. LeadLead now caters to new verticals such as solar and insurance and looks forward to improving lead generation in these industries.

Kressin has expressed his commitment to driving innovation in the lead industry and exploring the capabilities of AI software. The goal is to ensure customers can close leads, stay ahead of the competition and scale their businesses by providing high-quality leads. Technology has paved the way for change in every industry. LeadLead’s AI Mortgage Lead Generation Software is changing the lead generation game for lenders.

Visit LeadLead LLC to learn more about the AI software and its ability to supercharge the mortgage pipeline for lenders.

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