Hey Kasss – achieving personal goals in life in accordance with the laws of the Universe

April 24 15:04 2023
Hey Kasss - achieving personal goals in life in accordance with the laws of the Universe
Kass Hart said: “She knows what she wants from life. And she will definitely get it. That’s the law of the Universe.”

Kass Hart (Kassie Brakharu) is a musician, singer, and songwriter. She has something to say to the world, and she does it through her songs. It’s tempting to call her work singing poetry. Who better than the author of the lyrics and music of a song can touch the hearts of listeners with a truthful and profound interpretation of her creations? And it doesn’t matter what style the song is written in, the main thing is that it has meaning and is emotionally charged.

Kass was born into a family of jazz musicians. This largely predetermined her interest in music from an early age. After learning to play the piano, the girl dreamed of singing. And she sang. By the end of her school years, she even won the Grand Prix at an international French song competition. At the same age, the aspiring young singer was awarded the title of “Young Artist of UNESCO.”

However, her eagerness to sing was not understood by her mother, who was also a singer but for unknown reasons did not approve of her daughter’s choice. Moreover, at that time Kass had no idea how to write songs or how to build a career as an artist. All of this led to her dream being put on a long pause.

After getting a degree in social and cultural management (production), the girl tried to find herself in this profession, studied acting, and even worked in non-creative fields. But you can’t hide from yourself. Wanting to sing, she got a job in several clubs and restaurants. After a long lull, it was the first small step towards what she wanted to do in her life.

Working in entertainment venues, Kass devoted all her free time to music, trying to write songs. But endless singing at night took its toll, her voice grew tired, and the girl increasingly began to consider suspending such activities. And then fate presented her with an invaluable gift in the form of an unexpected acquaintance with a music manager from Britain. This event completely turned her life around and gave a strong impetus for further development as a singer. She began to create and live music.

The first song, as well as the first contract with the British record label OGC Records, did not take long to come. Kass fully immersed herself in the process, writing songs not only for herself but also for other artists. Working with professionals became a valuable experience and a guarantee of success for her. Under the auspices of the British label, her tracks began to be placed on the streaming service Spotify, which gave her the opportunity to be heard by a huge audience of listeners. Real success came to the singer with the song “Love to hate you”. And although the track was removed from platforms at the initiative of the label, Kass Hart assured that the world would hear it in a revised interpretation.

The number of listens, both for a beginner artist, and positive feedback, inspired her to write new compositions. But soon the girl realized that she had different views on the music she wanted to write and promote more productively with OGC records. Therefore, she decided not to renew her contract with the British label and went to Los Angeles to pursue her dream, where the entire US music industry is concentrated.

Currently, the singer and songwriter is in talks with various American labels, working with well-known songwriters who write for famous musical stars, and of course, creating her new music. If before Kass Hart wrote songs in different styles, now the vector has shifted more towards dance-electronic music. She is productively working not only on her compositions but also on herself and her visual strategy, which is extremely important for any artist.

The release of the singer’s new track is not far away, written in collaboration with British songwriter Johnny Phantom. The composition “Love to hate you” has already brought her success once. We hope that the new interpretation of the song about the complex union of love and hate will surprise listeners with a new modern sound and take high positions on the music charts.

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