Unapologetically Mindful: The Inspiring Journey of Nicole S. Brown, Educator and Author

April 24 15:53 2023
Unapologetically Mindful: The Inspiring Journey of Nicole S. Brown, Educator and Author
Author Nicole S Brown

What makes Nicole S Brown stand out in the crowd? How is a so-called regular teacher able to publish so many books? All of them are loved, admired and even applauded.

The reason might be more than just a few simple words. However, one word does become foundational to all of the other reasons. Unapologetic! Yes! This woman, just like the rest of us has faced social and professional challenges for being unapologetically herself. However, this very nature of Brown is one of the reasons we can count on having a real writer in the world.

No, not ‘real’ as in the others are out of ChatGPT. Real as in, is one of those writers that help us go into the depths of our mind, give us reality checks, and bring perspectives that are beyond the nature you and I seem to see.

This African – American schoolteacher from Louisiana has always had the upper hand when it comes to being mindful. The upper hand is the struggles that life showed.

A little background of Brown seems necessary before talking about her book. Perhaps we as readers still require a sense of credibility from the person rather than looking inside ourselves. Brown is a qualified teacher for K-12. We are talking about teaching puberty-hitting young adults that are probably the most difficult forms of humans ever.

While Brown’s forte is mainly chemistry, physics, general sciences, music, and reading her subpar excellence stands in the mindfulness of human emotion. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why she found young minds so easy to understand and dove with her excellence one hundred percent.

What proves my words and her accomplishments is the gratitude, love, and respect her students have for her. This author is never separate from her books as they say. Hence, comes her series of short poems ‘Many More School Days, Holidays, and All Days That Lie in Between’.

This simple teaching guide is for students of all levels that can read, teachers, parents, and every person on the street. As mentioned earlier, Brown is one of the blessed souls that are mindful from within. The mindfulness that was left out came from her struggles. She now enjoys passing on this path to the ones who want to learn. This book is the epitome of her mission – and the inception too.

Social Studies! Let us talk about that, as the first thing that Brown touched on in the book is Social and Character studies.

We all may at some points agree that in this challenging and intelligent era, we may have lost the art of self-learning about characters. Hence, most of us find different ways to blame our children for not understanding or empathizing with the world. Nicole S Brown believes that this problem is because of two reasons. The first is that a subject like social studies is back-benched for middle school students.

Even though she does not say this, her philosophies seem to match Dr. Maria Montessori’s, who believed that under 10 age is the best time to build sociality and character habits within human beings. Identifying these problems, Brown came up with her solution. She experimented with teaching beyond the curriculum alongside the basics like history and culture. Her results were finding those children to have a better understanding of the pragmatic world.

She proves that teaching humanization to children not only helps them in character building but also helps them in understanding various subjects better. Perhaps the idea of connectivity comes into place. This according to Brown is the second problem.

The era of digital has undoubtedly brought about a lot of intelligence in people. However, it also means that human connectivity is lost. As we grow in the modern world, children keep becoming the product of technology and lose the emotional connectivity that is a natural and humane desire.

Rightly so, the answer to this is to connect to human beings through mindful techniques. Learning sociality can help children so. Hence, Nicole found it imperative that this book begins with this chapter.

A reminder to all the readers of the book is that this is not only meant for children or students. Nicole’s way of writing about the human self is for everybody that may find themselves a little dissociated from the world.

The next part of Brown’s book comes as a revelation. Oh, you can feel the frustration and desire of the author to say, ‘I told you so!” Brown expresses how the world has now – when the damage is done – realized the importance of STEM and STEAM in classrooms. She expresses that science education is something that educators should have thought of years ago. Adding to this, she expresses how she was ill-equipped in her classroom as a science teacher. The reason is simple, it was never taken seriously!

Even though it took this long for the world to realize the power of science this late, Nicole still wants to use this opportunity to tell the children that science is important. It needs to be encouraged. Furthermore, she discreetly tells something that may be hard to hear. Science relies on tangible facts and not creativity!

She uses this section of the book to beautifully coerce readers of all ages and natures to believe in the importance and be encouraged.

The third section of the book deals with your creative sides plus something with a little logic. Almost like the classic school curriculum. Brown makes it evident that subjects such as English, Art, and even Music help every individual run their mind. These subjects help sensationalize a person and build them with balance.

Balance! Yes! That is the key phrase! In the entire book, the author does not once give precedence to one subject over the other! You will find in the modern Hallmark-type movies parents of two extremes. Either they want their child to be pragmatic or they want their child to be entirely idealistic. Brown teaches educators and adults that the balance that we lose in life, is important. Through her book, she aims to teach children the importance of every aspect of school and the subjects.

She winds the book down with her experiences. These are perhaps the most important part of the book. They help tell the world that teachers are truly the ones that shape human minds.

They tell what an average teacher goes through but still comes with a big smile and a loud cheerful good morning.

Once again, through her woke nature, Nicole S Brown brings a book that is beyond school days, holidays, and all the days that lie in between.

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