Rainbow Dust UK introduces its luxury children’s water bottle that’s designed to be unique and functional

April 24 22:21 2023
Rainbow Dust UK’s luxury children’s water bottle is the perfect premium quality with a uniquely playful design that’s easy for kids to use.

Rainbow Dust UK, a pioneer in children’s luxury water bottles, is proud to present its premium quality must-have water bottle for children. Parents understand the importance of keeping kids hydrated, but as is with most adults, most people forget to drink water as needed. There’s little that can be done to spruce up water, which is why Anoop Pandhi, CEO of Rainbow Dust UK, designed the ultra-luxury children’s water bottles

Children naturally gravitate towards items that captivate and hold their attention, whether on the go or at home. The Rainbow Dust UK water bottles are designed to be more than a water bottle; they are a fun accessory that kids will enjoy drinking from and carrying around. The iconic children’s water bottles are designed to be playful and functional, exactly what children want.

Made from high-grade materials, these water bottles are designed to keep water cool, prevent spills, and make it easy for kids to drink on their own. The bottles feature a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning, a straw for easy drinking, and a spill-proof cap, all features that make it the perfect bottle for kids. The fun doesn’t end there; Rainbow Dust UK luxury children’s water bottles also have fun little stickers in various colours. The built-in straps allow kids to easily carry the bottle as they play.

Anoop Pandhi aims to set a new trend with BPA-free luxury water bottles for kids. The high-quality bottles are the new must-have for every child. What’s more, there are two bottle types available for customers to choose from:

–  Dori exclusive handbag water bottle

Rainbow Dust UK is taking luxury to the next level. The Dori water bottle is a handbag-shaped children’s water bottle in various colours. It is reusable, durable, and affordable. Besides being styling, the bottle is travel-friendly and eco-friendly.

–  U-GUP luxury water bottle

This bottle is a playful yet functional bottle for kids. The bottle is designed to withstand the daily drops and bumps as kids use it and play with it. The U-GUP bottle also comes in a variety of colours.

With the growing popularity, Rainbow Dust UK luxury water bottles for children have become a top choice for kids and parents. Since children are more likely to drink water from a bottle they love, CEO Pandhi’s goal was to make child-friendly water bottles with unique designs, premium quality, and functional features.

Children want constant stimulation, and a water bottle is a perfect way to keep children hydrated and entertained. Rather than settle for bland water bottles, Rainbow Dust UK is providing must-have luxury bottles.

Rainbow Dust UK invites retailers worldwide interested in adding luxury water bottles to their stock to reach out for retail or wholesale inquiries. Customers can use the “Rainbow 10” promo code to get 10% off on their first order.

Visit Rainbow Dust UK to learn more about each bottle. 

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