MyMedGlobal Transforms International Surrogacy, Connecting Over 1,000 Couples and Singles Through Its Free Platform

April 24 19:36 2023

Los Angeles, CA – MyMedGlobal, the game-changing surrogacy agency, has made history by helping over 1,000 couples and singles realize their dreams of parenthood through international surrogacy. The agency has earned a reputation as a leading surrogacy agency by providing affordable and accessible surrogacy services with high success rates through its revolutionary platform that connects intended parents with carefully vetted partner clinics located around the world.

The rapid growth of the platform is a testament to the increasing demand for international surrogacy and fertility services. Factors such as cost savings, advanced reproductive technology, and more inclusive legislation in certain countries have contributed to this surge in demand. MyMedGlobal’s extensive network includes world-class fertility clinics in countries like Colombia, Georgia, Cyprus, Mexico, and more, where the cost of surrogacy services is significantly lower than in many Western countries, without sacrificing quality.

Intended parents have praised MyMedGlobal for providing outstanding support, resources, and care throughout their surrogacy journeys. One couple, John and Michael, shared their experience: “MyMedGlobal’s platform made it possible for my husband and me to meet our wonderful surrogate mother in Cyprus and start our family. The support and guidance we received throughout the process was invaluable, and we are forever grateful to MyMedGlobal for helping us bring our beautiful baby into this world.”

Another satisfied client, Maria, a single mother who used MyMedGlobal’s platform to connect with a reliable clinic abroad, said, “MyMedGlobal made the surrogacy possible for me, connecting me with their clinic in Mexico that specialized in single-parent surrogacy. My patient coordinator, Hannah, helped me with anything and everything from legal hurdles to selecting the perfect egg donor to finding accommodations once my baby was born. Now, I’m a proud mother and hoping to do the process again soon. I can’t thank Hannah, the medical team, my surrogate, and MyMedGlobal enough for everything they did for me.”

The success of MyMedGlobal’s platform can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Expert Support: MyMedGlobal’s experienced team of medical specialists, attorneys, psychologists, and surrogacy coordinators provide exceptional support and care every step of the way in the surrogacy journey.

  • Personalized Solutions: The team at MyMedGlobal understands that no two surrogacy journeys are the same, and works to provide personalized solutions that meet the unique needs of each intended parent, surrogate, and egg donor.

  • Affordability and Accessibility: By connecting individuals and couples with reputable overseas clinics, MyMedGlobal offers cost-effective surrogacy solutions without compromising on quality, making the dream of parenthood a reality for more people.

As MyMedGlobal celebrates this remarkable achievement, the agency has no plans on slowing down. The agency says it remains committed to providing exceptional services to its rapidly growing clientele. MyMedGlobal continually refines its platform and expands its network of top-rated overseas clinics to meet the changing needs of intended parents and their children.

About MyMedGlobal:

MyMedGlobal is a leading medical tourism surrogacy agency dedicated to the well-being of intended parents and surrogates. With a focus on compassion, affordability, and quality, MyMedGlobal is transforming the international surrogacy industry and helping more intended parents bring their children into the world.

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